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What is a Coach?

A Coach is in the unique position to help their client take charge of their own health and weight loss.

A Coach does not 'tell' their clients what they should do.  Coaches guide, motivate and provide accountability, so the client can achieve their goals.

Why Hire a Coach?

Coaches help their clients by guiding them to possible resources and info that may be difficult for the client to do on their own.  Yes, a client can research and find info and resources on their own, but a Coach has likely looked up many of the clients issues already, for other clients, and will save the current client time and effort and expense.   Coaches have often taking other training in nutrition or weight loss.  A client, you can use the Coach's knowledge about certain area's rather than the client taking a separate training  themselves.

In essence hiring a Coach is taking a short cut in taking charge of our own health.

Another important reason to keep in mind when considering hiring a Coach, is accountability.  Often we need an external person following up with us.  To keep us going towards our goals.  Life often gets crazy and derails us from sticking to a plan to achieve our goals.  Coaches are there to keep a client focused on the prize, and to remind the client why they are doing things that may seem uncomfortable.

Interested in Working With Coach Adriana?

If you are looking for a Coach to work with, to help improve your health and lose weight, then you should look for a Coach that will work with you in the way that best suits you.

I work with my clients strictly by email.  I like this method best as my clients then don't need to book an appointments.  They don't need to try and schedule in another meeting during their busy day/week.  Also, there is no limit to how often my clients can email me.  If my clients feel more comfortable emailing me every day, rather than once per week, then they are welcome to do that.  This also includes accountability.  Instead of weekly check-ins where it is easy to get derailed as the week goes on.   Almost daily emails keep clients on track.


Feel free to email me if you have questions at:  

Just please be detailed in your questions, as the more info you provide me with, the better I can answer your question.

What Services are Offer?

Please visit the "Shop" page.  There are instant downloads, self guided programs as well as my coaching services to sign up for on.

About Adriana
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