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Ellis Institute
Weight Loss Coaching
Mindful Eating & Weight Loss Made Better

When you have a problem like you are overweight and want to lose weight.  We go out and try to solve that problem.

We often go online and search for a solution to that problem.  You will find About 899,000,000 results

The problem is you want to try all (or many) of these solutions, but these solutions all require some sort of willpower.  Usually in the form of restriction.  We are talking restriction of food mostly here.  You may even feel overwhelmed by all the different options and solutions.

So what ends up happening is you start trying these solutions, and you are using your willpower to restrict your eating, you are feeling overwhelmed and hungry and deprived, and you soon are facing burnout, and what point you quit which ever solution you were trying at the time.

Then you usually end up gaining back all the weight you lost and gained back a little more weight that you started with.

We have all these thoughts about weight loss and what we should do to lose weight that we are overwhelmed.  We don’t know what method is the right one and we get lose in our own mind of should I do this, or should I do that.

There are only 5 possible problems that you have in your life.  The potential 5 problems are:

You have a problem with your situation.

You have a problem with your thoughts

You have a problem with your emotions

You have a problem with your actions or reactions

You have a problem with your results.

That is it!!   All of life’s problem are due to one of the 5 problems above.

Why is this important?  Well it is important to understand how our brains work first.  As humans our brains are designed to work a certain way. Our brain basically operates in a way that scientist call the Motivational Triad.  This is how it works.  We are ultimately designed to:

Search out pleasure

Avoid Pain

And be efficient at do that.

Ultimately those 3 things are what made it possible for us to survive as a species.  The problem is now it is not that difficult for us to survive as a species.  So now we have way too many things out there that can give us pleasure (shopping, eat, drinking, sex, etc).  We have lots of options that we use to avoid pain (eating, drinking, drugs, anything we over-indulge in).  Our world has become so efficient (drive-thru, cell phones, wi-fi, remote controls).  We sometimes have to make an effort to be less efficient, for our own good.  Like parking farther from the door, so we can get some extra steps in.

Now back to our 5 potential problems.  We use those 5 potential problems to gently help us alter the motivational triad.

When we seek out too much pleasure, we can look at the 5 potential problems to help us alter that.  We can even begin to predict when we are going to overly seek out pleasure, derailing results we want, and can you the 5 potential problems to get ourselves back on the right path.

When we see out to avoid any pain, we can look at the 5 potential problems to bring that into focus.  (It is a normal human experience to feel some pain in life).

Just because you have previously sought out pleasure and tried hard to avoid pain, does not mean that anything is wrong with on.  On the contrary.  It makes you normal!  In fact it is proof that your brain is working very well.  It is what our brains are designed to do after all.   This is only a problem, when you are not getting the results you want in life.  So how do you hack a very efficient brain, this is where we circle back to our 5 potential problems.

So you may say, yeah okay, there are only 5 problems, but how does that help me?   Well I have taken these 5 problems and put them in, what I call my S.T.E.R.R. model.

S          - Situation

T          - Thoughts

E          - Emotion

R          - Reaction

R          - Results

What I teach in my course is how to use this S.T.E.R.R. model to help you solve any of the 5 potential problems.  Which if you remember we also use to combat our ingrained motivational triad, which keeps us stuck, or keeps us from achieving the results that we want.

Meet your Coach / instructor

Adriana Ellis

I am a Life Coach!  I help normal functioning people deal with

and overcome their emotional pain and move their lives in the

direction they want. 

What makes my Coaching different from other Coaches?

I teach my clients how they can help themselves.  So when we

are done working together, they understand how they got 

feeling better and happier.  They are able to walk themselves

through the process if they ever find themselves suffering again.

There is an old saying that goes like this:  "Give a man a fish and

you'll feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him

for a life time."

I teach my students and clients, so they can help themselves

for a life time.

What I have done in my programs, is to make everything as simple

and as practical as possible, so you can make profound changes

without losing a sense of your practical yourself.

Adriana's Education:


Certified Hypnotist

Certified Life Coach
Certified Weight Loss Coach

Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach

Certified Food Addictions Coach

Diploma (With Distinction) in Counselling

Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner/Coach

Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner

Reiki Master

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Ellis Institute of Weight Loss Coaching

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Adriana Ellis

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