Weight Loss for Women who need to lose 50 lbs or more.


If you want to know how to really lose weight and keep it off for good, then you have come to the right place.

Here at Ellis Institute of Weight Loss Coaching I cover everything you need to know about weight loss.

I teach the average, everyday person and I educate them on how to lose weight with ease.

I teach how to lose weight without diets and deprivation.  We skip the crazy meals plans and supplements.  No weird foods you can't find, nor 2 hours of exercise per day.

I teach how to lose weight in your average everyday life.  

If you are already fit and are within 15 lbs of your goal weight.  Then you don't need me.  If you are needing to lose 30 lbs or more.  Then I can help.  If you are a bit of a couch potatoe - I can help.  If you are a busy mom, who struggles to find time for yourself - I can help.  If you forgot what exercise even is - I can help.

If you are ready to finally lose the weight without restrictive dieting. 

Then it is time for you to join Weight Loss School.

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Meet your Coach / instructor


Adriana Ellis


Certified Weight Loss Coach

Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach

Certified Food Addictions Coach

Diploma as Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner

Diploma as Nutritional Therapist