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I'm Coach Adriana



Certified Life Coach
Certified Weight Loss Coach

Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach

Certified Food Addictions Coach

Diploma as Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner

Diploma as Nutritional Therapist



Dr. Sears Wellness Institute

Beck Institute - CBT for Weight Loss

National Food Addictions Coach Training

My Story

I'm a Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach.  I got on the path of Health Coaching many years ago after my mother passed away from brain cancer.  Before she got diagnosed with brain cancer, she was having other health issues, as well as great difficulty losing weight.  Her weight did not budge in spite of the fact that she was eating supposedly well (according to the Doctors at the time) and not too much.  It was confusing as to why she was having health issues and couldn't lose weight, even following the doctors orders.  Now as I am nearing the age that my mother was when she passed away, health and wellness have become a big focus for me.

Over the years during my studies in Nutrition and Weight Loss, I have been enlightened to how chaotic the whole health industry has been.  What way of eating is best?  And which one is the right one?  Some people swear by going vegetarian.  Some people swear by going paleo.  Some people say keto is the answer.  But the problem is - all of these will work for some people.  BUT it may not work for YOU.  Each person is unique.  And their own body is unique.  So what works for one person may not work for you.  This doesn't even touch on leaky gut and gut dysbiosis issues that are becoming more and more common these days.  Acid reflux and GERD are becoming very prevalent and are leading to major health issues, including esophageal cancer.

While working with clients, and my own struggles with my weight, I have learned that in most cases just following a diet plan does not work.  I found with myself, I would sabotage my own weight loss efforts.  I was boggled as to why I (a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach) knew what to eat - but I just couldn't seem to stick with it.  This is when I learned about Cognitive Behavioural Coaching.  I learned how much my thinking or the way I was thinking affected my success in being able to stick to a program.  So this was the best help for me, so this is now where I focus with my clients.  When we get the 'thinking' mastered', then the 'nutrition' part becomes so much easier.

As a Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach, I work with clients to help them to navigate what plan they need to follow for them.  The 'plan' is not the same for any two people.  Everyone's 'plan' is different because each person is different and has their own health issues and food likes and intolerances.

It is my job to guide, motivate and provide accountability to my client so they can move towards, and achieve their personal health goal.  To be clear.... a Coach does not 'tell' the client what to do.  A Coach works with the client to help the client determine that next steps the client wants to take.  Coaches are not medical professionals and are not trained to diagnose or treat any disease or condition.  Coaches help a client to be a self advocate and take steps towards improved health, and wellness.


Got questions?   Email me and ask.

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