Want to earn extra money as an Affiliate?

Then please apply below.

How it works:


* After your application has been accepted, you will be given a Personal Discount Code.  

* You promote our courses, enticing potential customers with the Discount they will receive off the course of their choice.

* You direct potential customers to our Website where they can enroll in the course of their choice and they will receive a discount off their purchase using the Discount Code you provided to them. (Your Personal Discount Code)

* When the Discount Code is entered, it identifies you as the affiliate.

* Customers have 10 days to request a refund from their date of purchase.  If no refund has been requested within those 10 days.  Then you will receive $400.00 in commission.

* If a Customer requests a refund within the 10 days, no commission will be paid.

* Payments can be made via cheque, or Paypal transfer, as per your preference.

* All commissions paid are in Canadian Funds.

If you have other questions before you decide to apply, please email them to:  adriana@attunedws.com


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