What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of narrowed attention in which suggestibility is heightened.

Am I 'unconscious' when I am hypnotized?

What most people think of hypnosis is what they see on TV, which is not really what most hypnosis is at all!

In fact most hypnosis is more of a type of meditative state.  If you have heard of, or tried, meditation then I would say that hypnosis is quite similar to that.  Affirmations can also be quit similar to hypnosis. 

People are totally conscious of what is said and what is going on.   The person being hypnotized does not lose control of their ability to control themselves.   In fact if a suggestion made while being hypnotized was morally disagreeable to you, then your mind would immediately reject it.

Does self-hypnosis work?

Yes, Self hypnosis works just as well as working directly with a hypnotist.  It's just easier if the hypnotist does the work for you.  Most hypnosis is just a script that is read in a calming voice.   The real work in hypnosis is creating a script that is specific to the challenges of the client.  It is also important to note, that hypnosis best helps only one specific area at a time, for best results.

How quickly does hypnosis work?

I can take as little as one hypnosis session for some, and 15 or more sessions for others.  There is no guarantee that any hypnosis will work for everyone, but it generally works better the more it is used.  

What is reading self-hypnosis?

Reading self-hypnosis is where the client is given a hypnosis script that they read to themselves.   This can be just as effective as having someone reading the script to them, but does require a bit more effort.

Where can I purchase hypnosis recordings, or self hypnosis scripts?

Simply click HERE, or go to my SHOP page, and you can get instant access to Hypnosis recordings, or Reading Self Hypnosis scripts.

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