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We don’t like being in discomfort. We like life to be easy and no discomfort at all. That is why handy things like remote controls, and drive thru restaurants were created after all.

But it is the avoidance of discomfort that also leads us into some bad habits, such as over-eating and emotional eating. If you are carrying an extra 40, 50 or more pounds, it is probably because at one point you were trying to deal with discomfort with food.

The real problem becomes when the thing you are doing to avoid discomfort can lead to discomfort in other area.

Let’s say you are suffering discomfort from your boyfriend breaking up with you, so you start eating a pint of ice cream each day to help yourself feel better. After not long you have gained 10 lbs and no longer can do your pants up, and are feeling even worse about yourself. You possibly even start to say things to yourself like, no wonder he broke up with me, I’ve turned into a fat cow.

See how using certain things to avoid discomfort can lead to discomfort in other areas?

The good thing is, that discomfort can be improved by changing the thoughts that run through your head. I call this mind control. Where we learn to get control over our own minds, and the thoughts that run rampant.

If you need help to get control over your weight, and start managing your mind, so you can manage your discomfort, then consider hiring a Certified Weight Loss Coach.

By Adriana Ellis. Adriana is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Weight Loss Coach, Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, Certified Food Addictions Coach, Certified Hypnotist and has her Diploma (with distinction) in Counselling. Adriana teaches her clients how to change their thinking and habits to help them feel better and get the results that they want.

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