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Mind Control For Weight Loss

What the heck is mind control for weight loss? Well let me tell you how it started for me. When I was in my late teens/early twenties, I attended College downtown. Often when I was done classes for the day, I would be driving home during rush hour traffic.

The amounts of traffic and the drivers who always seemed to be in a hurry and would cut you off in their rush to get to their destination. It was so stressful and frustrating. I would feel so mad at some of the jerks that were driving out there and so inconsiderate of other people, that I would have a massive headache by the time I got home. My headaches would be so bad that the rest of my evening would be ruined.

After several months of this, I had enough. I couldn’t enjoy my life when I had massive headaches on a regular basis. How could I continue to go on like this feeling miserable when I got home from school? I needed to change something, but what?

When a driver would cut me off, I would feel enraged and annoyed when a driver did that. I would think - what a rude person this driver was, and my headache would start setting in. Instead, I decided when I got cut off, I would choose to think that this person was in a hurry because there was an emergency at home, their children or spouse was in desperate need of them.

Miraculously, soon after, I found that my new chosen thoughts helped. I was no longer feeling enraged about being cut off. In fact, with my new thoughts, I was happy to let them in, so they could get on their way. I decided with the amount of traffic that moved slowly, that it gave me an opportunity to look at the architecture downtown. I actually began to enjoy my drive home, instead of dreading it.

The new thoughts in my mind, were much more relaxing. I no longer had headaches or stress by the time I got home. My arrival time at home was only a few minutes later than normal. Which was no big deal at all.

This was the beginning of Mind Control for me. By choosing to change my thinking about something, I changed the results that I experienced.

I have since taken the concept of mind control and have applied it to weight loss. I’m sure if you have struggled with your weight, you had thoughts along the lines of; ‘This diet is to hard, I can’t stick to it.’

When we consciously decided to think differently about something, this is a form of mind control. You are learning to control your own mind.

Changing how you think about weight loss, is becoming more and more popular in the weight loss field. That is because – it works.

If you are interested in learning mind control, so you can lose weight and (more importantly) keep it off, then you should visit my website:

By Adriana Ellis. Adriana is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Weight Loss Coach. Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, Certified Food Addictions Coach, Law of Attraction Coach and has her Diploma (with distinction) in Counselling. Adriana teaches her clients how to change their thinking and habits to help them feel better and get the results that they want.

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