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My Life Sometimes Sucks – What About Yours?

Sometimes, I feel down in the dumps. I’m depressed that things don’t seem to be going my way.

The more I think about it, the more stuck I become and the more depressed I feel.

I find I want to avoid challenging things because the feed my depressed feeling.

BUT, here is what I know.

I don’t need to feel like that. I can lift myself out of the rut, out of the depression. I just need to remember how to do it. Or sometimes I just need to talk to someone who reminds me how to do it.

Then I’m back climbing, back on top of my world, back feeling like I am in control of my destiny.

Do you want to be back in control of your destiny? Then you may want to talk to a Life Coach.

I’m listening. I can remind you how to do it.

By Adriana Ellis. Adriana is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Weight Loss Coach. Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, Certified Food Addictions Coach, Law of Attraction Coach and has her Diploma (with distinction) in Counselling. Adriana teaches her clients how to change their thinking and habits to help them feel better and get the results that they want.

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