Nutrition and Balance Program


This is a Self Study (no Coaching support) 12 Week Program where you take a look at your mindset, and how to change it so that you can lose weight effortlessly.


You will learn:

Week 1     -     Goal Setting

Week 2     -     Guiding Principles

Week 3     -     Creating Balance

Week 4     -     Organize your Kitchen

Week 5     -     Metabolism

Week 6     -     Eating Mindfully

Week 7     -     Honoring Hunger

Week 8     -     Craving and Emotional Eating

Week 9     -     Self Sabotage

Week 10   -     Sleep, Stress and Self Care

Week 11   -     Eating Out

Week 12   -     Movement


Let's take an indepth look into all these topics, and get you back on track with your weight loss.  If you want to be successful at weight loss - then these are the areas you need to know about to conquer your weight once and for all.


The best part is, you don't have to get this program doled out to you week by week.  I give you the whole 12 week program upon purchase.   So no waiting and losing interest after 2 weeks and wasting your money.  You get the whole 12 week program - no waiting!


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Nutrition and Balance Program - Self Study

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