This intensive 90 Day Weight Management Program is for those who have tried diet after diet and can't seem to stay on the diet, or have not found lasting success on any diet they have tried.


This program is NOT a diet.


This is a private coaching program where you work one-to-one with your own Certified Weight Coach.  You work with your Coach through email.  So your time zone and location are never an issue.


In this program we work together to change your thinking (mind).  When you control your mind, you control your weight.


This 90 Day program is unlike anything else you've tried.  No exercise nor diet progrm can compare.  Gaining control over your mind to gain control over your weight may even be something you have never heard of before.  But don't be mistaken - it works.


Don't let another year slip by without getting control ofer your eating and your weight.  Imagine finally being free from over-eating, emotional eating, binge eating, over indulging in treats, and other self sabotaging behaviours.


Take control of your weight by taking control of your mind.  You have nothing to lose, but the weight.


I am committed to you ane your weight management goals.  For you to achieve you weight goals, it is vital that you commit to the program.  I provide this program for 90 Days, to give you the opportunity to really learn the tools and techinques well, so you can lose weight and keep it off for good - without deprivation or starving.


No special foods, supplements, or equipment are required to get started - so don't wait.  Sign up and get started today!


Any questions before you commit to getting your self on track and in control of your own mind???   Then feel free to ask Adriana at email address:




Mind Control for Weight Loss Program (90 Day)

  • You will receive instant access to the program starter guide .  If you do not receive immediate access or receive an email with the starter guide, please contact


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