This unique Weight Loss Coaching package pays you to stick to your program.


Studies show that most people fail at weight loss because they simply do not stick with it.  So we are providing the incentive!


We refund you up to $5.00 each week if you simply continue to do the tasks that are required each week to be part of this Weight Loss Coaching Program.


What are those tasks?  Here is the breakdown:

$1.00 refund if you weigh yourself daily

$2.00 refund if you complete your food journal daily

$2.00 refund if you write your observations weekly

(Note:  maximum total refund you can receive is $90.00)


During this Weight Loss Coaching you will learn to observe your habits and behaviours, and will learn how to change those, so you are able to lose weight effortlessly.  The goal of this Weight Loss Coaching Program is to get our clients eating real food.  No pre-packaged meal plans, nor pills to take here.


If you know you need help and guidance to lose weight then this is for you!


How does this work?

*You work by email with our Certified Weight Loss Coach.

*Daily you will email in your weight and food journal

*Weekly your Certified Weight Loss Coach will offer guidance or worksheets to help you keep on track with your weight loss goals.

*Weekly you will email in your thoughts, and wins about your week.

*Each week that you complete the 3 main tasks (email weight in daily, email in food journal daily, email in your observations and thoughts) you will be refunded $5.00

*Bonus surprise gifts after 50, 75, 100 days of full commitment.


Topics we will cover during our time together:


Goal Setting

Guiding Principles

Creating Balance

Organize your Kitchen


Eating Mindfully

Honoring Hunger

Craving and Emotional Eating

Self Sabotage

Sleep, Stress and Self Care

Eating Out



How long does this Weight Loss Coaching Program last for?

This Weight Loss Coaching Program lasts for over 18 weeks (130 days).


Quit struggling on your own to lose weight.  Now is the time to get your power back over your own life and body.  This is not the same old diet plan you have tried and tried at and are still back at your original weight, or weight even more!!   It doesn't have to be that way, and we can teach you how.


Don't lose one more year and gain more weight.  Sign up today!


Pay You - Weight Loss Coaching Program

  • No Refunds on Purchase Price after 5 days (120 hours)


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