Want Weight Loss Coaching specific to you and your needs?

Want to Lose Weight but don't know where to start?

Want to Lose Weight at home?

Want to Lose Weight without counting calories?

Want to Lose Weight without intensive exercise?


Absolutely!  For 10 Weeks you have the dedication of a trained Certified Weight Loss Coach working with you on your specific weight loss needs and goals.


During this first Level of Weight Loss Success Program your Coach will work with you on or provide you with:


Weight History Assessment

Realistic Weight Loss Goal Assessment

Weight Gain Probability Assessment

Food/Drink Tracking

What to Eat and When

Barriers to Change

Balancing Hormones

Basic Nutrition


During this Weight Loss Success Program - Level 1, you will work with your Coach by email.  


Your Coaches qualifications:  (Adriana Ellis Education/Training):
Nutritional Therapist Diploma
Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner Diploma
Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach
Certified Food Addictions Coach
Certified Weight Loss Coach


Why hire a Certified Weight Loss Coach to work with you by email, as opposed to looking online for weight loss information?

*  Your Coach can help you can get results, not just give you randum information.

*  Email Coaching is very convenient in our busy lives.

*  Your Coach can give you information and guidance specific to you.

*  Your Coach can provide you with Accountability and Motivation, which is hard to do on your own.


How this Email Weight Loss Success Coaching Works:  

1.  You click the Add to Cart button and continue through the check-out process.  (Note:  I live in Canada so purchase price is in Canadian Funds)

2.  Watch for an Welcome email (please allow up to 24 hours to receive).  If you do not receive a Welcome email, contact me at:  ellis-institute@outlook.com and let me know. 

3.  Complete your first Assessment and return by email.

4.  You have started!!  

5.  Weekly you will receive emails with that week's assignment or assessment.

6.  You will also receive emails in-between those weekly emails that respond to your assessments or assignments.  As well as responses to any email questions that you have.

7.  You should be emailing me daily with your assignments.


Also, make sure you watch the following video about the S.T.E.R.R. Coaching Model by clicking the link here:  STERR MODEL VIDEO

We may be using this model quite frequently during our time working together.

Weight Loss Success Program - Level 1

  • This Course is currently FULL.  It will re-open in Sept. 2021.