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Weight Loss Subscription Program

What if there really was a magic pill you could take for lasting weight loss?  BUT, What if you had to take that pill every day for 6 months before it would take effect.  Then when it did take effect, the effects would last potentially a life time.  Would you still want to sign up for that pill?

If you said no, then ask yourself, are you just wanting a quick fix, and don't really care about your health and consequences?  Is Weight Loss all that matters?


If you you said yes, then I have some bad and good news for you.

The bad news - there is no magic pill.  The good news is you can retrain your brain, and it will have the same effect as the magic pill described above.  

Retraining your brain does take some effort and time, but the results are long lasting.

This subscription program is largely weight loss psychology based and has a lot of CBT exercises.  After all, we know we should eat more fruits and vegetables, but we just are not doing it.  This is where all the magic happens - in recognizing, understanding and changing our behaviors.

How Does This Subscription Program Work?

This subscription program is not meant to replace one to one weight loss coaching, but is an effective way to get some help and support without making costly weekly appointments and feeling stuck and frustrated.

For 12 months you will receive a weekly email with weight loss or personal development/psychology related activities or worksheets to do.  These weekly emails will help keep you focused on what your intentions are, and help you to keep actively on course - without making you feel overwhelmed or trapped in a commitment with a Coach/Nutritionist/Dietician, especially when you are feeling rebellious and not liking what your Coach/Nutritionist/Dietician is telling you.  

Trial users of this subscription program, that participated fully in the weekly emails, found not only did they lose weight, but other area's of their lives improved as well.  Like their general sense of well-being.  When you combine personal development/psychology with weight loss techniques, you then have a winning combination.

To summarize:   For 52 weeks (12 months) you will receive a weekly email with an activity/worksheet, or information to ponder about your weight loss or weight loss/life psychology.  Included with the weekly emails, you also have Email Coaching support and can ask questions regarding the activities/worksheets, or weight loss as many times each month as you like.  

For 52 weeks of information/activity packed emails and free Email Coaching we are asking only $100.00 per month.  Ridiculously low price, right?

Are you ready to try the alternative to the elusive 'magic pill'?  This program works, but again, it will require some time and effort on your part - but I know you are worth it.  You deserve to turn your life around and finally be free from dieting.  You deserve to be healthier and happier.

Don't waste anymore time looking for that 'quick fix".  Now is the time to get started on the fix that will work.

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