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​“At first I didn’t think I would like this program because it didn’t provide me with an eating plan.  Little did I know that I would never want a given to me eating plan again!  This program is so much more important than a simple eating plan.”
“The questions asked during this program were sometimes tough to answer, or should I say, I didn’t want to answer them.  I sometimes didn’t answer for a week because I really didn’t want to face the answer.  But once I faced the questions and really thought about what the answers were, it was life changing for me.  I guess you could say it was transformational!”

“I had a bit of a hard time getting on board with the program, I really didn’t think it would work.  And at first it didn’t, but that was because I wasn’t actually changing anything I was doing before the program.  Once I relented and actually made an effort to do the homework, then my weight finally started to budge.”
“Oh boy, did I ever learn that if you don’t actually do the work and just go through the motions, then you are just wasting your time.  I started to actually do the work (as yes it was hard) then what a difference it made.  If you decide to join this program – suck it up and do the work, it will be worth it.”

“I like the fact that there is no Facebook group to join.  Who needs another Group to try and follow.  I got the most success by just observing my habits and thoughts and doing the homework.  My advice, stop wasting time reading about other people on Facebook and use the time to just do the work assigned in the program.”
“Good program, not what I thought a Mindful Eating Program would be.  It turned out to be much better.”

“My whole attitude about life has changed.  The S.T.E.R.R. Model is incredible!”

“She changed my whole perspective about my body image, eating habits and just how to rethink situations.  Thank you so much!”

“She really made me take a look internally and see what is behind my habits.”

“This isn’t a Mindful Eating Program, it is a how to change your habits program.  Although it is work, it is easier that following a diet.”

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