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Thoughtful Weight Loss Coaching

Why hire a weight loss coach?


You have been trying to lose weight for a while and you have probably struggled with some obstacles along the way. 

You may have taken 2 steps forwards and then feels like 3 steps back. 

You have tried several diet plans and have difficulty sticking to them for any length of time. 

You lost the weight and then went off the diet plan and gained all the weight back (and then some).

You feel like you are in a cycle of losing and gaining weight that you can’t seem to break out of. 

You struggle with food deprivation. 

You are ready to start building a healthy relationship with food. 

You are sick of feeling unhealthy. 

You know you need accountability or someone to check in with. 

You are ready to make changes to improve your health. 

You are ready to commit the time and effort into making healthy sustainable changes.

You may have even contemplated to just accept yourself as an obese women.


Living healthy and losing weight is often confusing and misleading.  There is so much information (some good, some bad) out there to do this or eat that.  What do you listen to and what do you dismiss?


Hiring a weight loss coach to offer targeted behavior coaching customized to you and your life can make a real difference.  Weight loss coaching is ideal for the woman who has a fairly good idea of what they need to do, but just can’t seem to fit it into their lives in a clear and sustainable way.


Hiring a weight loss coach doesn’t mean everything will be smooth sailing. You need to be willing to put in the work and time. Ultimately, your behavior and food choices come down to you.


What exactly is weight loss coaching?


A weight loss coach, also called a health coach, provides you with coaching and support in achieving your overall health goals. That often includes weight loss, but it’s more than just that.


Health is more than just a number on the scale.  Achieving better health means improving your nutrition, activity, mental and spiritual health.  A good weight loss coach will help you focus on long term success rather than quick fixes that won’t last.


 A weight loss coach offers accountability, which helps women stay on tract.  Studies show that people are more successful losing weight when they have a weight loss coach or health coach on their side. 


A weight loss coach is there to work with you on a plan, not to tell you what to do.  So there is no rigid eating plan that includes weird or obscure foods.  A weight loss coach will ask about your routines and learn about your life, so they can help create an environment that supports you.  A weight loss coach understands that overhauling your entire life is hard to sustain.  Working within the existing structures of your life is more likely to set you up for success.


Working with a weight loss coach may help you identify your early beliefs formed around food and your body.  Also they will help teach you alternative behaviors that can help you achieve your goals.  Often, we get stuck in these loops of repetitive thinking patterns. These are very hard for us to see ourselves, but they can be obvious to people on the outside.  That’s why even coaches need coaches themselves! Humans simply aren’t great at being aware of our own behavioral patterns.


You should feel comfortable openly sharing with your weight loss coach. If you feel like you need to “perform” or put on a front with your coach, you less likely to make progress. If you feel like you cannot honestly share your struggles with your coach and tell them what is really going on with you, then you will not be able to overcome your weight loss barriers.


If you need a ‘tough love’ type of coach or someone with a softer, more supportive approach, make that clear in your first conversations with your coach.


A weight loss coach will help you be accountable and help you take responsibility for your life and your choices. It’s common for people who have been stuck at the same weight for ages find themselves breaking through barriers losing weight quickly after they hire a coach. Having that accountability and external eyes on you can make drastic shifts in your choices.


Sometimes, the act of hiring and paying for a coach can make a difference all on its own! Knowing that you are spending time and money on a coach can be enough to make you follow through on your health and weight loss intentions.



What weight loss coaching IS NOT:

A magic pill that will help you lose weight fast.

Telling you what you should do without your input.

Giving you a strict plan to follow.

A cure for your relationship with food and your body image

There to sympathize with gossip or join you in feeling sorry for yourself.

A prescription for a precise diet and exercise plan


Working with me, you get:

*  Weekly check in’s.

*  Regular thought challenging exercises.

*  Help changing up your foods to work for you, instead of against you.

*  You can get email coaching whenever you need it.

*  You get questions answered whenever you need it.

*  Work with me for as long or as short as you like.


You get to change your life for only $60 per week.  No long term commitment required. 

How can I charge only $60 per week?  My Coaching is only by email which is convenient and keeps costs down.

Many Dieticians or Nutritionists charge over $80 per week.


You can get started today, click on Sign Me Up

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