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Do you want to lose weight?

No, really.   Do you really want to get healthy and lose weight?

I bet you answered Yes.   But I would question whether that answer is truthful or not.

In your conscious mind, yes of course you want better health and lose weight, but what happens when you try to do something about it.

Here is the most common things people say that derail them from losing weight:

1.  Now is not a good time, I'm too busy, or life is too hectic.

2.  I've lost weight on a diet plan, but now I'm done the diet and I'm gaining it back.

3.  Well I didn't actually finish my last diet plan, I couldn't stick to it.

4.  Shhh, don't tell anyone, but I kept cheating on my last diet, so I only lost a couple of pounds.

5.  I can't do diets.   I feel like I'm starving and then I go on a binge.

Looking at the 5 reasons above.... does that sound like it comes from people who really want to lose weight?

Not really, does it.  

BUT, they actually DO want to lose weight.   Confused yet?

The subconscious brain has become addicted to certain foods we eat.  And it doesn't want to stop eating those foods.  The subconscious brain doesn't care about losing weight, it simply wants to keep eating those things that make it feel 'goooood!'  It doesn't matter that those foods are keeping you fat, and making you sick.

The subconscious brain, will sabotage your efforts at every turn.   So unless you become aware of what is happening with your subconscious thinking, then you are most likely to repeat your weight loss, weight gain yo-yo cycle.

Now if you want to retrain your subconscious brain, so that you can lose weight without feeling like you are starving, without taking any pills, or protein powders, or any other weird product, then this is the program for you.

If you are serious about retraining your brain for weight loss, then make a commitment to yourself to get yourself off this junk food addiction and back to health and natural weight loss.

What to expect from this Program:

* One full year, email Coaching/Counselling - it takes time to retrain your brain.  Especially from excuses like.  "Life is to hectic right now".   Really, when is it not hectic?  When you are diagnosed with a deadly disease or diabetes.... will you find time then?

* A basic Weight Loss Protocol - This protocol will change as we progress because not everyone's body is the same, therefor each persons body loses weight differently.

* You will be challenged about your thinking and excuses about healthy eating.  (Remember your subconscious brain will sabotage you by helping you come up with excuses as to why you can't stick to your weight loss protocol.)

* You will eat 'normal' food.  No weird foods that you have never heard of, or can't find.

* There is NO Facebook group.  Dealing with your addicted subconscious brain, is not everyone else's  business.  Plus do you really have that extra time to waste on Facebook, or would you rather get on with healthier habits and a happier life, with weight loss as a side effect.

*I'm serious about helping people retrain their addicted brains for healthy eating, and weight loss.  If you are not, then this program is not for you.

Are you done with your excuses?  Are you done with doing the same thing over and over and still not getting the results you want?  Are you done with having your addicted subconscious brain calling the shots? 

Then let's begin.


Note:  This is a private coaching/counselling program that is communicated to you all by the convenience of email, so it does not matter where you live.



Click the BUY NOW button to enroll in the Payment Plan option of this program ($125/month for 12 months):


The cost of this program may be covered by your Employee Benefits Plan, or Employee Health Spending Account as Counselling Services.  Please check with your benefits provider.


“At first I didn’t think I would like this program because it didn’t provide me with an eating plan.  Little did I know that I would never want a given to me eating plan again!  This program is so much more important than a simple eating plan.



“The questions asked during this program were sometimes tough to answer, or should I say, I didn’t want to answer them.  I sometimes didn’t answer for a week because I really didn’t want to face the answer.  But once I faced the questions and really thought about what the answers were, it was life changing for me.  I guess you could say it was transformational!”



“I had a bit of a hard time getting on board with the program, I really didn’t think it would work.  And at first it didn’t, but that was because I wasn’t actually changing anything I was doing before the program.  Once I relented and actually made an effort to do the homework, then my weight finally started to budge.”



“Oh boy, did I ever learn that if you don’t actually do the work and just go through the motions, then you are just wasting your time.  I started to actually do the work (as yes it was hard) then what a difference it made.  If you decide to join this program – suck it up and do the work, it will be worth it.”



“I like the fact that there is no Facebook group to join.  Who needs another Group to try and follow.  I got the most success by just observing my habits and thoughts and doing the homework.  My advice, stop wasting time reading about other people on Facebook and use the time to just do the work assigned in the program.”



“Good program, not what I thought a Mindful Eating Program would be.  It turned out to be much better.”S.I.“My whole attitude about life has changed.  The S.T.E.R.R. Model is incredible!”



“She changed my whole perspective about my body image, eating habits and just how to rethink situations.  Thank you so much!”L.B.“She really made me take a look internally and see what is behind my habits.”



“This isn’t a Mindful Eating Program, it is a how to change your habits program.  Although it is work, it is easier that following a diet.”


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