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I'm excited about the idea of you becoming a Certified Weight Loss Coach!  Why is that?  Because we need more people out there that can help people combat the obesity epidemic without thinking they need to be on a special diet plan to do it.


This is not a typical 'class' where information is handed to you and you are left to figure it out.  This is an active training, where you will learn by DOING!  I want you to feel confident in your abilities as a weight loss coach, so you can be as successful as possible.


This is a private training program done by the convenience of email. 

Depending on how much time you dedicate to the studies/practice in this training you could be certified in as little as 3 months.  Or if you wish to go at a slower pace you can take up to 1 year.   Your email training is not an automated process.  Each and every lesson is submitted to you by the trainer when you are ready for the next lesson.  There is no other program out there like this one!


Do you need to have mastered your own weight to be a weight loss coach?  Absolutely not!  Many people take Weight Loss Coach Training in order to lose weight for themselves at the same time receiving training so they are able to then help others and earn money as a Coach.


Sure there are other Weight Loss Coach Certification Programs out there.  But do you want to just learn the theory, or do you want to be trained enough that you know exactly what to do and feel confident enough to actually help clients find success.


With this Weight Loss Coach trainig you do not need to be a fitness expert, a nutritionist or a dietician.  


You will learn:

What is weight loss coaching and how it is different than being a weight loss consultant or even a health coach.

You will learn over 15 techniques and tools to help your clients (or you) to get the weight off and keep it off.

You will understand cravings, binge eating, emotional eating and food addiction.


Do you want:

To help people lose weight and keep it off?

The potential to have your own highly profitable weight loss coaching business?

To lean powerful coaching techniques to get your clients (or you) long lasting results?

Then there is no time like now to get started!


There is no wait time for you to begin.  If you wish to start your training, you can start as early as tomorrow!


Payment plans are available, please contact me for details.

Regular Price $3000.00  Summer Sale only $1499.00

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