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Think back now – January came and you made that New Years` Resolution to finally get that weight off.


But how many months later was it and you had already given up.  You began thinking there is another diet plan that didn`t work.  I will never lose the weight.  You`re thinking you should take a course on Body Love and just accept yourself at the weight you are and maybe then you`ll be happy.


From past experience, I can tell you – you probably won`t be happier. 


You see, that is the route I took each year.  I started off telling myself, yes, I`m going to eat healthier.  Yes, I`m going to exercise every date.  Yes I`m going to eat less.  I think I made it about a week before I quit.  I couldn`t do it.  I couldn`t stick with it.


If you are sick and tired of this cycle then it`s time for you to change the cycle.




Glad you asked!  You change how you think about it.


Now, I can hear some of you saying, “WHAT!?!?  How is that supposed to help me to lose weight?”


We humans are wired to be….. well…. Lazy.  Remote controls were invented so we didn’t have to get off the couch to change the channel.  Drive thru’s were invented so we didn’t have to get of our cars when we wanted a coffee.  If you think about it, most inventions were/are created to make our lives ‘easier’ (and ultimately lazier).


Trying to lose weight, or to exercise more often is not easy.  It is not the regular routine you are used to in your day/week.  It is sooo much easier to just keep doing what you have always been doing.  The brain kicks in and starts getting you to think unhelpful things, like:  I’ll exercise tomorrow.  I’m too tired today, I just need to rest.  I’ve had a stressful day, and I deserve a couple of cookies.


Do you see where I’m going here?


It’s the self-sabotaging of your brain causing you to have unhelpful thoughts.  Your brain causes you to have those thoughts to keep you in your comfort zone.  Your brain tries to keep things ’easy’ for you.


But – did you know that you can change those unhelpful thoughts?  Did you know that you can actually choose what you want to think?  Imagine if you didn’t think, “I’ve had a stressful day, I deserve a few cookies.”?  If you didn’t have that thought, then you wouldn’t eat those cookies.  If you didn’t eat those cookies – do you think you might actually make headway on your weight loss goals?




Absolutely, 100’s if not 1000’s of women have lost weight by learning to change their internal thinking.  Granted most had help from a Certified Weight Coach (like myself) or others who have been specifically trained in this area.


Don’t be confused between a Certified Weight Coach and a Weight Consultant.  A proper Coach is not selling you a specific product or supplement.   Those are usually Consultants who make money by selling someone else’s product.


As a Certified Weight Coach, I work with you starting where you are.  For example; if you eat all of your meals at fast food restaurants, then we would start improving your habits/eating/thinking from there – a little at a time.


Why do we start working from where you are?  Because I’m pretty sure that if you ate every meal at a fast food restaurant and then I gave you a meal plan to follow that was mostly vegetables and required you to make eat meal – how successful do you think you would be?   I would give you a week before you’d be quitting, saying there is no way you can do this.


This would be too much of a change from where you currently are and your brain would revolt and the self-sabotaging thoughts would become rampant in your head, making this the worst experience ever.


I also work with you on your self-sabotaging thinking.  This is probably where we spend most of our discussion time.  And this is the most important part – so you can get a handle on thoughts and get to where you want to be.


There are dozens (probably more like 100’s or 1000’s) of weight loss books/programs out there that tell you exactly what you should eat and exercise you should do.  (You probably have purchased some of those).  But the proof that they don’t work is – your still looking on how to lose weight and keep it off.


The amazing thing about working with a Certified Weight Coach, or Certified Life Coach (of which I’m both) is not only can it help you lose weight, but other areas in your life, that you are struggling with, can be improved as well!




Accountability and helping you to uncover and teaching you how to manage your thoughts is the biggest roll I play as a Coach.


You need to ask yourself, do you want to try another diet program?  Do you want to try another exercise program?  Do you want to try another weight loss product, and see if this time it’s going to work?


Or – do you want to commit to what really works.  Working with a Certified Coach that can work with you step by step on changing your self-sabotaging thinking.  On changing your thinking to change your results.


Please note:  If you are thinking, Well I’ll try this and see if it works.   Please no tire kickers!!!  If you are saying that to yourself, then that is already some self-sabotaging thinking setting you up for failure.


I am looking to work with people who understand that their thinking needs to change for their behaviour to change.  When your behaviour changes, then you start getting the results you want.


So are you ready to commit to yourself and change your weight and your life?


Then sign up – you can start right away!!




I work with you by email.  This is for convenience of time and location.  All coaching is private and confidential.




I want results for you, so that doesn’t happen if you don’t put in any effort.  I expect you to email me pretty much daily with your Food/Feelings/Thoughts Journal.  It is very important to keep on top of your thinking each and every day, if you want to change those thoughts that are self-sabotaging you.  (Remember the cookies and the stressful day?)


As we work together you will become to understand exactly how much of our thoughts direct our lives.  You will learn to recognize how many of our ‘feelings’ are actually thoughts.


What’s it going to be?  Are you signing up for this adventure?  Or are you going to try another diet plan?


Don’t let another year go by with no success.




Cost of Enrollment?

The cost of this Weight Management Coaching is $97 per month.   Is only $97 per month worth it to you – to final lose the weight and keep it off?  If you achieve your goals before our time is up, then you can stop your payments at any time.    There are no refunds for services already provided.


Finally reaching your goal weight.  Finally knowing exactly what to do to get the weight off and keeping it off.  Never having to make that "This is going to be the year I lose the weight" statement again.  Never buying another weight loss book.  What freedom will you experience when you finally can get the weight off.   What will you be able to do, that you were too embarrassed to do before?  Wear a bathing suit.   Wear shorts.  What about - maybe even wearing a sleeveless shirt.  Or think about the activities you will be able to do, because you are no longer to tired to do them.

Don't just imagine what a year from now will look like.  Enroll and make it a reality.


We start as soon as you sign up.  If you want to lose weight and keep it off.  Then let’s get to it!!

Again only $97.00, end at any time (no refunds on months already paid).  

Automatic billing up to a maximum of 12 months.

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